Bellybar DHA Products

Bellybar DHA Soft Chews provide all-natural, vegetarian Omega-3 DHA — a critical nutrient during pregnancy and nursing. A great-tasting alternative to pills, each soft chew makes getting your daily DHA delicious! Our original DHA chews in the brown and yellow pouches contain 32mg of DHA and are a fun way to snack through the afternoon. Our brand new Daily DHA supplements in Valencia Orange flavor contain 100mg of DHA in each yummy chew! DHA supports baby’s healthy brain, eye and spinal column development, and also supports a healthy pregnancy and heart for mom-to-be.


Welcome the newest member of the Bellybar DHA Chews Family:

Our new 100mg DHA Bellybar Chews come in Valencia Orange flavor


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* Detailed nutrition information is supplied on the product pages.